Currently, our blades are painted black and the frontpoints orange - the photos on the store\'s website will be gradually replaced.




If you do not know us yet, and you are here, it means that you have something to do with us. This is probably a passion for climbing in the colder season, or for drytooling, practiced in all weather conditions.

Regardless of which of these disciplines is closer to your heart, we can certainly help you. Kuznia Szpeju offers you picks, frontpoints, pitons and more, repairs and remodels gear, serves you an advice – so you can:

  • Go to our SHOP and get familiar with our offer
  • Contact us by an email or call if you can not find what you need in our catalogues, or if you just want to make sure of your choice.

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If we take care of something, it will serve us well. Therefore, apart from selling our products, we help you to maintain what you already have. We also support all activities aimed at resuscitating old or broken gear, as we consider the waste of a raw material a serious sin :-)

Sharpening screws

Proper screw sharpening is not easy. If you want us to help you – you are welcome! Service evaluation is individual and depends on screws condition.

Picks sharpening

In most cases, sharpening picks , frontpoints, or turf screws is what we do by ourselves. If you are unsure whether you are doing it properly, we can help. We can do this for you or advise on what file to use or how not to untoughen the blade if you sharpen using an electric grinder.

Remodeling crampon and other tools

Using grandfather’s crampons, or has sentiment for some old gear– it does not matter! If you want to repair or upgrade something, eg . have replaceable frontpoints in crampons that orginally does not have such option- you are welcome!

Repairs of the gear

It may surprise you – but even the best gear wears out. We do various repairs, if only we have such technical capabilities.


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